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Mariani Shuilan May

Shuilan was born in Medan, Sumatera island of Indonesia. As a young child, she was interested in plants and grew hundreds of orchids on the top of her roof. She began to appreciate a healthy living style since high school; classmates thought she should become a nutritionist.
After migrating to the States, she studied Taoism in Los Angeles with the Taoist Master,
Hua-Ching Ni, and practiced the Ni’s family style Tai-chi in her early 20s. She moved to Los
Angeles in 1991 and worked at Yo San University of Chinese Medicine as a Financial Controller
for 27 years. She had the opportunity to attend most of the classes and gained an
understanding of Chinese Medicine. 


In homeopathic medicine, acute refers primarily to the speed of onset and self-limiting character of the disorder rather than its seriousness. Respiratory, digestion, sore throats, insect stings, cuts, bruises, vomiting, muscle aches, and short term insomnia are all examples of conditions that are treated by acute prescribing.


 Conditions such as auto immune, blood pressure, blood sugar, allergies, cholesterol, eating disorder, asthma, hormonal imbalance, female problems and chronic fatigue are most often considered chronic conditions. Chronic conditions, though long term, may have an initial acute phase, or other times when the illness becomes sharply worse for a limited period.


Examples of diseases in animals that respond very well to Homeopathy are: skin allergies, ear infections, asthma, IBD, epilepsy and many other conditions.Homeopathy can rapidly treat acute diseases like traumatic injuries, infections and poisonings as well.

The goal is to take the whole pet into consideration and aiming to restore balance for long-term wellbeing.

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