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About our practitioner at Sulis Homeopathy

Mariani Shuilan May


Shuilan was born in Medan, Sumatera island of Indonesia. As a young child, she was interested
in plants and grew hundreds of orchids on the top of her roof. She began to appreciate a healthy living style since high school; classmates thought she should become a nutritionist.

After migrating to the States, she studied Taoism in Los Angeles with the Taoist Master,
Hua-Ching Ni, and practiced the Ni’s family style Tai-chi in her early 20s.


She moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and worked at Yo San University of Chinese Medicine as a Financial Controller for 27 years. She had the opportunity to attend most of the classes and gained an understanding of Chinese Medicine.


She loves cooking and integrating herbal medicine into her daily meals.

Educations and Experiences

"Caring about others leaves an impact on people and brings happiness."

Shuilan completed her undergraduate degree in English and received a scholarship in 1985 from BBC English by radio to attend a Summer business English program in London. She went to a private music school of “Sumatra Conservatoire” in Medan and played classical piano and has privately taught piano. She has also studied with Eliot Cowan, the author of Plant Spirit Medicine and founder of The Blue Deer Center. She has served as a volunteer with the Sacred Fire Foundation and Sacred Fire Community. She had attended most of the Lifeway Programs, events and is very grateful to be part of the monthly fire community. Blue Deer Center in the Catskill Mountains of New York,is her favorite sacred place to go. She decided to study homeopathy when one of her close family members was healed by it and her own experience with the teeth implants surgery.

She graduated from Los Angeles School of Homeopathy in 2019, a three years program and attended Homeopathy University, Jaipur, India for 3 weeks internship at their teaching hospital. Shuilan is a member of NCH (National Center for Homeopathy) and NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths). She is a voracious reader and regularly enjoys home study courses, webinar and workshops with Dr. Farokh Master, Dr. Roger Morrison, Louis Klein, Robin Murphy, Rajan Sankaran, Jeremy Scherr and Dr. Will Taylor.

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