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At Sulis Homeopathy, we value our clients' opinion and trust. We love to hear honest review of your experience with us.

I recently had an accident and broke my collarbone.  I saw Shuilan a few days afterwards and she gave me a remedy for pain and to mend the bone.  When I visited the hospital for X-rays a couple of weeks later I had the opportunity to compare the X-ray taken in the Emergency Room with the current one.  My bone had healed remarkably!  
I am so thankful to Shuilan for this remedy which has helped my bone and my pain.  She is a kind, compassionate practitioner who truly cares about helping her patients!


Maggie Klippel

The practitioner was really caring and a great listener. I went to see her for an emotional issue, pet health and child care. She really knows her way all around. The price is very reasonable.

Worapan O.

I would like to recommend Shuilan May as a homeopath. I went to see her for my long term hot flashes, then she prescribed me some homeopathic remedies to take and for spraying. After taking those remedies, my hot flashes has been under control, here or there I am still experiencing some hotness, but not as bad then before.


So, I would highly recommend her as your homeopath.

Angela Asali

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